How to Find a Great Lawyer

There will come a certain point in your life where you are going to need an attorney, it could be a milestone event like buying your first home or starting a business, or it could be for something much less pleasant like you have been charged with a crime.  In cases where you have been injured, charged with a crime or going through the divorce process are gut wrenching and this is when you really need an advocate on your side who can help you.  You want a zealous advocate who has got your back and who knows the law inside and out.  But do you know how to find a great lawyer amongst the sea of lawyer that are advertising in your area?  Here are some things that you need to look at when hiring a lawyer.

Area of Practice

While all attorneys have a working knowledge of the law and all have gone through law school, but most will continue their careers within a specific area of the law. For example mesothelioma law cases are not done by family lawyers. What does that mean for you?  In this case if you are facing criminal charges such as a DUI then you want an attorney that works in criminal law and not a real estate attorney.  Using this example, criminal attorneys stay up to date with the latest precedents that can affect your case.  They typically know all the players involved like the judges and prosecuting attorney.  This can help tremendously when it comes to negotiating your case. Another great thing to know is that if you ever find a good mesothelioma lawyer then you should retain their services. Good meso lawyers are hard to come by and you want to be 100% sure they have experience in that specific area of practice.

References and Referrals

No matter the situation you find yourself in chances are good that you have a friend or colleague who can recommend a lawyer to you.  Ask people about their experiences and if they felt they were in good hands.  Did the lawyer to everything possible to get them the results that they wanted?  Were they up front about the chances of winning the case and give options?  If you don’t know anyone personally you can always check online for an attorney near you.  For example you have mesothelioma symptoms, you should probably begin looking for a lawyer that has done asbestos cases before. It’s very important because no one wants to live with mesothelioma.  You can check Google or Findlaw to find attorneys, now you need to look at review sites to see if they are well regarded by former clients.

Book a Consultation

Many lawyers will offer you a free consultation where you can give them the details of your case and whether they can help you or not.  Use this opportunity to interview the attorney as well to see if you will be a good fit.  Here are some specific questions that you can and should ask your attorney before you hire them.


How to Know if Your Law Firm is Good

How to Know if Your Law Firm is Good

As a practicing lawyer you want your law firm to succeed, you want to have a good reputation and be well regarded in your community.  How do you measure that and how do you know if your law firm is doing well?  It is actually not that hard to measure and you can do that fairly easily.  Here is how to know if your law firm is good and how you can make improvements if need be.

Increased Caseload

Unless you represent very large corporations who will need your services throughout the year, most of your clients may only need your services a few times throughout their lives.  You are going to have to spend time building your practice.  One of the ways to do that is through referral traffic.  Are your existing clients willing to refer your services to friends and family?  Are you getting enough referral business to carry your practice.

Reputation and Reviews

We live in a digital world and many business transactions end up online in the form of reviews.  Are you checking what people say about your law firm?  Your past clients can review their experience with you on several different forums.  They can post reviews on Yelp or on Google itself.  It goes without saying that you will not please everyone and you may end up with negative reviews from clients that did not get the outcomes they wanted, that’s fine.  Overall you should have a positive score.  You should encourage clients to review your practice.  Address both the good and bad like a professional it conveys that your practice cares about the clients you serve.

How Does Your Staff Feel

Do you offer a great work environment and do your staff like coming to work everyday.  Your support staff and junior attorney are often your frontline in dealing with clients.  If they are unhappy, your clients will notice and be uncomfortable.  Yes, your staff are capable of being professional no matter how they feel about you but when they love their job and the work they do it reflects throughout the practice.  When you take care of your staff they are more than happy to take care of even the most difficult clients.

It is perfectly valid to wonder if your law practice is good and if you are serving your clients and the community in a manner that you can be proud of.  It is surprisingly easy to understand if you law firm is good.